We are a company that changes lives.

DAS Estate is a different real estate agency set up to not only to sell and rent properties but to establish long lasting relationships, partnerships and friendships.  We are here to help you sell a home, buy a home, invest your savings for long term growth, invest to create a quick return or just to help you find a holiday home of your dreams.

As part of a larger business-DAS GROUP (a group of companies in the setup phase intended to advise, provide services and management in the real estate and businesses industries) we are well equipped to give you the best advice and provide most of the services you might require.

DAS Group consists of the following sectors/companies:

DAS Estate - real estate agency

DAS Consulting - focused on real estate and business advisory services

DAS Property Management - company focused on short and long term rentals

DAS Facility Management - company focused on facility maintenance and repairs